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  • To impact lives one mindset at a time



  • To be the conduit that brings people closer to their perfect life through the power of Mindset and Action.



  • I believe in the power of “Making a Decision” - “Clarity is Power” Deciding is acting
  • I believe in “Opening myself up to Change - “Your Business Grows to the Extent That You Do”
  • I believe in “Going to Work Daily” - “Do or Do Not, There is NO Try”
  • I believe in “Committing to the Journey” - “Focus on the Plan Not The Problem”
  • I believe in “Being Held Accountable to MY Goals - “Success Is Simple Not Easy”



Focus daily on Success starts with M.I.N.D.S.E.T. (MAKE a stand,Nothing IS impossible,NEVER give up, DETERMINED to do this, SOMETHING worth having deserves a full effort, EACH day is a new opportunity).   


  • M.  MAKE a stand
  • I    Nothing IS impossible 
  • N   NEVER give up
  • D    I am DETERMINED to do this
  • S   SOMETHING worth having deserves a full effort. 
  • E   EACH day is a new opportunity 
  • T   TRAIN our minds to do not try


  • I promise to extend respect to all clients that I work with knowing that they have the answers inside of themselves.
  • I promise to champion my client’s greatness and be a stand for manifesting their purpose of why they are here on this earth.
  • I promise to listen to my client’s dreams, values and wishes and give them the opportunity to grow and unfold in the world.
  • I promise to only continue coaching when I believe I can be of positive use to my client. I will not prolong coaching for the sake of my bank balance.
  • I promise to always make my clients agenda my only agenda. It’s all about the client, not me.