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Jul 02, 2019

Are you a full-time real estate agent is just not making the money that they wanted to make?  Do you feel lost? Do you feel like you were promised something that they aren’t fulfilling?  Do you feel kinda like that lost puppy? They were all excited to have you and then you got into the system or into the office or into the team, and you just feel lost?  

Are you a part-time agent, or what I like to call, a dual career agent? Do you have something else you are doing and it’s conflicting with the amount of time and things that you can put into real estate so you’re not able to plug into the training and the things that the broker wants you to learn so it’s hurting you at an income level?  

Are you a stay at home mom that decided to get into this business of real estate sales and you just can’t give up taking the kids to school, picking them up and going to sporting events? Which I don’t believe you should give up. But you’re unable to give that up in order to be a part of the training and the learning that’s necessary to help you feel the confidence level to move forward in your career?  

If you could find a way to get into relationships with people doing what you do every day, work 20 to 30 hours a week inside your real estate business, so showing homes and listing properties, and you could find a way to earn six figures, that that be a benefit to you?

If it would be, please message me or call me. I have a system that if you follow and if you implement, you can do exactly that.

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