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5 secrets that I learned from the Best of the Best

Jul 02, 2019

5 secrets that I learned from the Best of the Best

  • It all starts with Awareness - 1st step of change
  • Acknowledge where you are - Mega Agents go all on their strategy
  • They make decisions then they commit to the decision they have made.
  1. Constantly setting ambitious goals
    1. What goals (markers) have you set for your business and yourself in 2019?
  2. They have created standards in their business and they maintain them. (they refuse to fall below them)
    1. Do you have standards? Client standards?
  3. They eliminate the distractions and focus on the 6 activities that drive their business and income forward.
    1. Practice and role play
    2. Do some sort of daily prospecting
    3. Lead Follow Up and setting appointments
    4. Go on appointments daily
    5. Negotiate contracts
    6. Train others to duplicate their strengths
    7. ? What distractions need to be eliminated for you? Are they distractions or are they immovable objects that you need to find an alternate route around?
  4. They have huge levels of energy
    1. ? is where they born that way or do they work on creating it daily?
    2. They work on it daily, and sometimes hourly. What do you do to create high energy or low energy?
  5. They run their business like a business
    1. They track their numbers and make their decisions based on their numbers - not how they feel.
    2. This business is math - the numbers don't lie.
    3. They are always looking for ways to have repeatable and scalable strategies in their business.
    4. They use the data to make great decisions.
    5. ? Do you have a business or a job? Explain. 

Make a decision for yourself and your business - what's the one thing you can commit to and do right now to drive your business to a new level?

Just do it.

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